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Air PistolsCrosman
Crosman 1088 Black
Crosman 1088 Black1 year limited warranty
Velocity : 430 fpsCaliber : 0.177"Retail : $65.99Our Price : $57.95
Shoot 8 shots...BBs or fast as you can pull the trigger! The Crosman 1088 CO2 pistol is versatile, because you can shoot whichever type of ammo you have on hand! Pellets or BBs...this pistol likes both of them. Fill the clip with 8 pellets or BBs, ... more...
Crosman 1377C Air Pistol
Crosman 1377C Air Pistol1 year limited warranty
Velocity : 600 fpsCaliber : 0.177Retail : $76.99Our Price : $55.95
If ever there was an American classic, it would be this gun. The Crosman 1377C is a powerful multi-pump pneumatic that's been enjoyed by millions of shooters for decades.One of the reasons it's so popular is that it delivers a real wallop, spitting pellets out ... more...
Crosman 1322C Air Pistol Black
Crosman 1322C Air Pistol Black1 year limited warranty
Velocity : 460 fpsCaliber : 0.22Retail : $76.99Our Price : $55.95
An American classic! The .22-caliber version of the popular 1377 pistol, this gun delivers more than what you paid for. Load and shoot at spinners or paper targets all day long. No need to go to 10 pumps...take a load off and use only 3-5 pumps for some relaxi ... more...
Crosman 2240 Air Pistol
Crosman 2240 Air Pistol1 year limited warranty
Velocity : 460 fpsCaliber : 0.22Retail : $79.99Our Price : $59.95
Crosman's 2240 CO2 pistol is available only in .22 caliber, but it's ideal for plinking and target practice. When you pick up this gun, you'll have a hard time putting it down. It's accurate and a pleasure to shoot.The bolt-action reveals a sizeable loading tr ... more...
Crosman 2300S
Crosman 2300S1 year limited warranty
Velocity : 520 fpsCaliber : 0.177"Retail : $225.99Our Price : $259.99
Even if you don't shoot metallic silhouettes, you'll want the Crosman 2300S! This pistol is drop-dead accurate and was purpose-made by Crosman to give your competitors a real run for their money.Instead of putting their own barrel on the gun, Crosman put a cho ... more...
Crosman 2300T
Crosman 2300T1 year limited warranty
Velocity : 520 fpsCaliber : 0.177"Retail : $190.99Our Price : $159.95
Powerful, accurate and affordable! The Crosman 2300T CO2 pistol is ideal as a trainer for new target shooters or for seasoned shooters who want to hone their skills.The rifle steel barrel drives pellets downrange around 520 fps, and you can expect over 40 shot ... more...
Crosman 357 6" Air Revolver
Crosman 357 6" Air Revolver1 year limited warranty
Velocity : 435 fpsCaliber : 0.177"Retail : $74.99Our Price : $49.95
Ten-shot repeater, real revolver mechanism, single- or double-action! This gun looks like the Colt Python and shoots 10 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger. Powered by a CO2 Powerlet, the Crosman 357 has a 6" rifled steel barrel. The molded combat g ... more...
Crosman C11
Crosman C111 year limited warranty
Velocity : 480 fpsCaliber : 0.177"Retail : $49.99Our Price : $39.95
Sleek, sharp, realistic. Crosman's C11 BB gun is all those things...oh, yeah, it's also a blast to shoot! Just pull the trigger, and BBs start flying out the muzzle with flawless precision.The C11 magazine holds 18 BBs, and the grip panels slide out of the way ... more...
Crosman C21
Crosman C211 year limited warranty
Velocity : 480 fpsCaliber : 0.177"Retail : $59.99Our Price : $56.95
The C21 is a CO2 powered semi-auto 18-shot BB repeater pistol with ergonomic grips, weaver rails and fiber optic sights. Features an ergonomic medium size frame and a realistic heavy weight from its alloy and plastic construction.Generates muzzle velocities of ... more...
Crosman Pro77
Crosman Pro771 year limited warranty
Velocity : 350 fpsCaliber : 0.177"Retail : $79.99Our Price : $67.95
Action shooting with the PRO77 blowback BB pistol! This has got to be one of the neatest pistols Crosman's brought out in a while. Put 17 steel BBs into the stick magazine hidden in the grip, cock the hammer and BAM! BAM! BAM! (Never shoot steel BBs ... more...
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